This will be a page about pens, writing, and associated things. 

Why? Well, as I saw someone else put it, you get to a point where you have to do something with the thing(s) that you love. Otherwise, what’s the point? I hope this page can help me feel I’ve done something to share the things I care about with others in a manner that is valuable to them and to me.

My initial idea is to go through the pen collection one by one chronologically, talk about what each is, and what significance it has, if any. My writing will be casual and conversational. Maybe I can tame my penchant for run-on sentences if others have the opportunity to read them.

Off the bat I’ll tell you my everyday preference is to write with fountain pens. Parker and Pilot are my favorite makers. More specifically, I like older Parkers and modern Pilots. If you’re into fountain pens then chances are excellent you’ve seen or used an old Parker. They were one of the best selling brands for a long time, though their heyday is well in the past. It’s the pens from that heyday that got me into the hobby. A particular Parker 45 that belonged to a family member is what I would consider pen #1 in this journey. That pen will be the subject of an entry here in the near future. 



3 June 2023