What’s What 1/14-1/20/24

Forming routine, trying to make choices.

Inked Right Now

  • Newton Prospector with Montegrappa Black

  • Pilot Tank with Ferris Wheel Press Mirror of Moraine

  • Pilot Custom 845 with Iroshizuku Yama-Guri

  • Parker Sonnet Cisele with Colorverse Supernova

Changed inks on the 845 and am still enjoying the unique qualities of the Prospector. The Tank and Sonnet are new from last week. Looking through the pen drawer, they both struck me as not having been used in quite some time so out they came.

The Tank’s an interesting pen with modifications from the factory to facilitate use as an eyedropper. I’ve used it that way and it works well, but entire barrels full of ink aren’t that appealing to me so I pulled the extra parts and just use it as a regular cartridge/converter pen. The nib was swapped from a Pilot desk pen I recently bought. Makes for a good EDC piece with the slip cap and slim profile.

The Sonnet is one of my longer tenured pens, dating back to May 2019. It has a stub grind from Custom Nib Studio and the sterling body gives a lovely heft in hand.

New & Exciting

The journaling and habit tracking mentioned in previous weeks are going okay. Even though it’s been just two weeks I have some difficulty in cutting myself slack for missing days. Maybe it’s because the tasks are small and don’t require large investments of time & effort. On some level that makes me feel there’s no excuse. But behavior doesn’t change instantly unless your survival depends on it, which is not the case here. Then what am I worried about? Keep stacking bits of progress and eventually we’ll be closer to where we want to be.

Thinking About

Still making evaluations for nib grinds on pens that could use them. First up will probably be the music nib on my Sailor Pro Gear Slim. The nib is the only part of that pen that keeps me away from using it. It has a massive block of tipping that could be shaped into almost anything.


But what should it become? Maybe a reversible grind, maybe another naginata style. I feel like this starting point should be used to go somewhere special that wouldn’t be possible with many other nibs.

What would you suggest?


15 January 2024