Been A Rough Week? Have Some Stickers

In relative terms, work has been a lot lately. There’s always a mix of rough and smooth, but it’s more about the feeling of having much less control than one would like in the overall situation. It hasn’t felt useful to make plans for the workweek because it’s all going to get thrown in a blender no matter what. Instead of paying dividends on unknown future problems, what else can we do with our time?

Stickers, that’s what.

I received an order from Enigma Stationery, part of which was the stickers above. I presume you can see a theme among them. They connect with my sense of humor but they also represent what I’ve been feeling lately. I went to put them in my sticker album and ended up going through several pages, rearranging things along the way. After an hour or so I wasn’t thinking about work. If you’ve had a rough week maybe this can give your mind a break.

Sticker album from Calliope PaperieSticker album from Calliope Paperie

Draplin Design Co.Draplin Design Co.

Yup, sure is fine.Yup, sure is fine.


Stationery Store DayStationery Store Day

Stationery Store Day & Calliope PaperieStationery Store Day & Calliope Paperie


Also pensAlso pens


And the new batch from Enigma found a kindred soul…

Howdy friends!Howdy friends!

15 March 2024