What’s What 3/8/24

Inked Right Now

  • Pilot Custom 845 with Iroshizuku Tsutsuji

  • Sheaffer No Nonsense with Robert Oster Bondi Blue

  • Pilot Custom K500SS with J. Herbin Vert Empire

  • Parker 61 with Callifolio Herue Dorée

Gone from last week: Aurora Ipsilon and Sheaffer Tuckaway.

Coming onboard: Sheaffer No Nonsense and Pilot Custom K500SS.

My experience with Sheaffer is limited compared to some other brands. Not for lack of options given their long history and range of models, but because they weren’t the pens I knew, saw, or chose when first developing in the hobby. If my mom’s old pen had been a Sheaffer Imperial instead of a Parker 45 then the situation would be flipped. All of that to say I kind of wish I’d had a No Nonsense long ago. It’s a great pen. Classic looks, dependable writer, durable, affordable, lots of colors and finishes to collect if so inclined, the list goes on. It’s a pen that can’t help but make me happy when I use it. The more recent snap cap versions don’t have the same appeal to me as the original screw caps, but maybe that owes to my bent for vintage pens.

The K500SS is the oldest Pilot I have and had sat idle for quite a while. I don’t know if Vert Empire was the best ink choice. The pen may benefit from something wetter and more saturated. I’m thinking of swapping it out for Sailor 460.

Thinking About

The No Nonsense and K500SS turned out to have similar styles to the 845 and 61, respectively, already in the pen tray. It wasn’t a conscious choice, nor did I notice the similarities until putting them all side by side for the photos. Whether or not others see the same things I do between them, it was an interesting thing to notice and makes one wonder about all the patterns we make or follow without thinking.

New & Exciting

While I continue the regular practice of browsing may pen retailers online, I haven’t bought any pens this year. What I have bought are more stationery items. Stickers, washi, postcards, clips, tools, some pocket notebooks, etc. The recent order I had from Baum-kuchen had items that fit the above idea. I have some more things incoming from amanpan/shop and Enigma Stationery. I’m also due for trips to Paper Mouse and Calliope.

Some things I got just because I like the design rather than having a particular purpose in mind for them, but I do want to use stationery more in the sense of writing to others. There’s a point where there needs to be some volume going out instead of it all coming in. Be it a letter, a quick note, a card, a small pack of fun items, I want to share more of what makes me happy about stationery with others. Maybe it makes them happy too.


8 March 2024