What’s What 6/12/24

Inked Right Now

  • Taccia Spectrum with Robert Oster Morning Mist

  • Parker Duofold Maxima with Waterman Harmonious Green

  • Pelikan Steno with Pelikan 4001 Violet

Gone from last time: everything.

The Duofold took over daily journal duty from the Pilot Custom. It has a different feel than the other pens I’ve used in this role so far. It’s an excellent writer with more of a pencil-like feel on the page rather than a smooth glide. I never tire of look at the nib either with its crisp arrow engraving.

The Taccia makes a smooth wide line and has been great for showing off the Robert Oster ink. If thicker stub nibs are your thing, the Taccia steel music nibs are certainly worth a look.

The best word to describe writing with the Pelikan is…interesting. The nib is flexible but not as predictable as other flex nibs I own. I like seeing variation in my letters, but with the Steno I don’t always know where or how much it will happen. The point at which is starts to railroad is always sooner than I think it will be. Even in normal writing under ideal conditions I’m caught out by the how the line changes. To be fair, this is less the pen’s responsibility than mine because its design is aimed toward a certain kind of stenography. If my hand position and movement were more practiced than casual, I might see more consistent results. Still, when it flexes with an ink like this 4001 Violet, the shading is so nice that I tend to forget the technicalities.

Should I try to adapt myself more to the Steno’s quirks or just let it do what it does and que será, será?


12 June 2024