What’s What 7/2-7/8

Should be shorter and sweeter than last time.

Inked Right Now

  • Parker 45 with Diamine Blue Velvet

  • Parker Rialto with Waterman Mysterious Blue

  • Sheaffer Old Timer with Sheaffer Skrip Red

  • Delta Write Balance with Colorverse Horizon

  • Lamy Studio with Lamy Violet

  • Lamy Safari with Lamy Violet

Parker 45, Parker Rialto, Sheaffer Old Timer, Delta Write Balance, Lamy Studio, Lamy SafariParker 45, Parker Rialto, Sheaffer Old Timer, Delta Write Balance, Lamy Studio, Lamy Safari

Gone from last week: Aurora Ipsilon, F-C 45, and F-C 65.

The three new pens got in faster than I had considered they might. Silly me for thinking they wouldn’t. Really, who was I kidding?

The Studio was fitted with the 14k EF nib to be compared to the Perspective nib on the Safari. There wasn’t much to choose between them in some areas.

The Delta caught me off guard by how big it is compared to just about everything else I own. I was a little worried it could be unwieldy but it’s light and pleasant to handle. I ordered it with a fine Jowo steel flex nib because I was curious about their performance. As a fine flex nib I don’t love it. For one thing, it’s much more of a medium line than a fine. About the flex, it does provide more variation with pressure but the effort needed to get any real result doesn’t make for a good time. So, as a medium non-flex nib it’s okay. But that isn’t what I asked for. I knew this could be something of a lottery. In any case, the rest of the pen is lovely so I will install a different nib for now and look at more significant upgrade options in the future because the pen deserves a more special writing experience than the original nib can give it.

The 45 came into play by way of the Rialto. The Rialto has an X nib, which is Parker’s mark for extra fine. I didn’t think it was as fine as other Parker extra fines I’ve used so I put an X nib in the black 45 for some more side by comparison. It’s not apples to apples with different inks and nib materials, but the 45’s X is more X than the Rialto’s X. I hope your content filter isn’t sensitive to that many Xs in proximity. All of that to say the Rialto is a sleek and pretty pen. I wish I’d investigated them before now.





Thinking About

Last week’s come to Pen Jesus moment, so to speak, has left me more focused more on the writing because there’s nothing else to chase and capture. It’s good it happened when it did because my work schedule is different for a few weeks, leaving me less free time on many workdays. The less balls I’m juggling as part of the hobby is to the benefit of just using the pens when time is available.

I started writing out the entire contents of the pen collection. I already use and appreciate Fountain Pen Companion for this but I needed something to put in a new notebook so this was as good a content choice as any. I also found myself asking where and when I acquired certain pens because that would be a relevant thing to add to the database. Searching back through the inbox for old receipts unearthed a lot of good info. One such bit of info was when I bought what is pen #2 in the collection. Turned out to be a bit different than I recollected a few weeks back in the Parker 45 piece. I have an outline going for the pen #2 article. Hope to get most of it written later this week.

Details and pictures of the Lamy nib comparison are coming soon as well.

Thanks for reading. You can reach me via linevariation at gmail if you have any thoughts or comments.

3 July 2023