Items from Enigma Stationery

Enigma is a place I’d heard mentioned many times on the Pen Addict Podcast but I hadn’t looked over their wares. I was searching for info on a particular notebook and clicked on a link for Enigma because they carried it. While the notebook wasn’t going to be my cup of tea, I took a few minutes to scan their products.

I was intrigued by the pens companies had made from Enigma’s custom material blanks. And then I saw the nib holders.

One thing revealed while swatching my ink collection over the past few months is that my nib holders weren’t adding anything to the use of my various dip nibs. Does the nib holder need to be special? No, it’s not a requirement, but having something that’s not the ordinary plastic or wooden stick can help make the experience more fun.

What did I want? I didn’t know but, as luck would have it, Enigma Stationery provided an answer.

This Enigma-made material is called Satisrefraction Violet and the holder was shaped by River City Pen Company. It’s comfortable to hold and use. More than that, it’s quite something to look at. This is how it pops with some sunlight (a rare commodity in my area lately).

That’s something to elevate your writing time. The holder works with the Kakimori brass and steel nibs that have been popular in the last year or two. It also works with one of my favorite old nibs — the Esterbrook Oval Point.

Paired with some Diamine ink and neat little Kokuyo soft ring notebook (also at Enigma), it’s a satisfying package.

Included with my order was a nice note from the folks at Enigma.

The dog stationery is going to make a perfect gift for someone. The dog stationery is going to make a perfect gift for someone.

Enigma also has a wide range of Japanese stationery items, many of which fall into the incredibly cute category like sticky notes with koalas. They have a cool selection of stickers, some of which I covered here. There’s plenty of pens, ink, paper, accessories, and much more. I recommend giving them a look.

29 March 2024